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Lunar to provide access to its Nordic payment infrastructure to partners

Danish neobank Lunar will open up access to its banking and payments infrastructure to partner firms from 1 August, with Swedish paytech Trustly set to be the first to tap into Lunar’s account infrastructure.

Lunar says “strong demand” from both national and international payment players led to the decision to open up its Nordic payment infrastructure. The challenger holds clearing permits in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and can offer access to cross-border payments and clearing in the Nordics to third parties.

As part of its first partnership, Lunar will offer its infrastructure to Trustly through a single API integration, enabling Trustly to offer instant payments in local currency. Lunar and Trustly will initially roll out the integration in Denmark, with the intention to extend the partnership to cover the entire Nordic region.

Sandra Sennerlöv, VP of banking relations and partnerships at Trustly, says the collaboration with Lunar enhances its account-to-account payment offering in Denmark.

“Lunar’s API-based offering fits well with our payments platform and our payment solution allowing consumers a seamless way to pay merchants,” Sennerlöv adds.

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