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Egypt’s Taly taps BPC to power digital payment services

Taly says its launch in Egypt will broaden financial inclusion and boost digital transformation in line with the country’s Egypt Vision 2030 directives.

Thanks to these directives from the government and the Central Bank of Egypt, the fintech sector in the country has seen strong growth, with the number of people using digital payments set to hit 84 million by 2027.

Taly hopes to support this movement by providing fintechs, start-ups and other payment service providers with the necessary infrastructure to support their efforts.

BPC chief operating officer for the Middle East and Africa region, Usama El Sayed, says Taly is a “game changer” in the payment industry, with the potential to “significantly transform” the way people interact with financial services.

Taly CEO Magdy Hassan says BPC’s tech solutions, including card management, tokenisation, acquiring, merchant management and payment gateways, have allowed it to build out “innovative” digital-first solutions for Egyptian consumers.

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