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TOP 13 Forex business awards

What contests should forex brokers take part in? What awards are considered the most prestigious? What other benefits can awards bring to the business? This article has compiled a list of the TOP 13 Forex industry awards.

The awards honour outstanding results for companies implementing cutting-edge technology and comprehensive market research tools for quality customer service, high performance, affiliate programs, and other essential elements of the Forex B2B ecosystem.

The award is also one of the most important parts of a PR and marketing strategy. Companies increase traders' confidence by winning awards at prestigious exhibitions and opening branches worldwide.

Receiving Forex awards is a strong motivation for your employees because the brand pride increases their productivity and interaction with the company. The premium also gives you a dominant position over your competitors.

Below is a list of the top 13 premiums in the Forex market.

1. World Forex Award

Opens the ranking of the most famous World Forex Award is one of the world's leading awards for Forex and the financial industry. The World Forex Awards ranks the best forex brokers and the most outstanding forex companies.

The WFA or World Forex Award organisation researches and verifies forex brokers and other financial companies only upon their request. World Forex Award winners are selected based on transparent research methods and a special commission. The names and list of WFA committee members are kept confidential to avoid corruption and other pressure on board members, which include researchers, financial professionals, academics, analysts and journalists. The World Forex Award is an independent organisation that has no relationship with Forex brokers, banks or other financial institutions. Only ten companies can be awarded in the World Forex Awards category annually.