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Danish Regulator Blocks 82 Illegal Gambling Websites

Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, has received approval from the Frederisksberg in its bid to block 82 unlicensed gambling websites that were targeting Danish consumers.

This is the largest number of blocked websites in a single order since the regulator first started to take action against illegal online gambling operators. So far, the regulator has blocked 227 sites, many of which have been reported by the Danish public and licensed operators.

Spillemyndigheden director Anders Dorph said:

“Spillemyndigheden was established to ensure a framework for a fair gambling market. One of our most important tasks in that context is to protect players against illegal gambling and to ensure they are not exposed to gambling providers that do not have a licence in Denmark.

At the same time, it is very important that we ensure that operators who are licensed to offer gambling in Denmark can run their business under ordered conditions.”

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