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3 Biggest Crypto Predictions for November 2022

As October reaches its end, the crypto market has managed to ignite hopes for investors and traders with some quick mid-week gains.

The global crypto market cap tested the $1 trillion mark on Oct. 26, with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and most altcoins noting record gains on their daily chart. The greens on the daily and weekly charts tempted investors to get back into the crypto market, spiking trade volumes and short liquidations.

Still, pretty much like everything else, the gains, rallies, and bullish sentiments were limited. The battered BTC price action soon fell prey to consolidation, and the rest of the market followed as the global crypto market cap dropped down to $990.39 billion at press time.

Here are the 3 biggest crypto predictions for November 2022, looking at the macro-movement of crypto assets:

Bitcoin Price to $30,000

Ethereum Price to $2,000

Altcoin Season Incoming

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